Upload your photo, add words or phrases, change colors. Customize your print as you like, and receive it at home. Photo printed on a super compact block in a colored box. It doesn’t need a frame or glass! Perfect for bringing your memories to life. Your photo printed in PVC foamed of 5mm, and format 12x12cm, with finish HDPB and customizable casing in 7 colors to choose.



Print your images with the latest image crystallization technology HDPB. High quality in a hard, rigid and stable stand designed in 5mm PVC, 12x12cm format and case customizable in 7 colors, choose the one you like best and bring your images to life. Its professional finish and easy maintenance make it a perfect product to decorate your home or create original gifts. It doesn’t need a frame or glass; the image is printed directly on the PVC. This way you get a unique object for you and yours.

Additional information

Weight 0.150 kg
Dimensions 12 × 6 × 12 cm

PVC box and 5mm PVC image

Box color

White, Black, Dark gray, Light gray, Mint green, Turquoise blue, Magenta, Pastel pink, Mango yellow